XFINITY On Campus Streaming: For Residents Only
All on-campus residents, whether you’re a student, post-doc, faculty, or staff, have access to the core XFINITY on Campus digital streaming service from Comcast. For residents of the College Houses and Sansom Place, this service is included as part of your room and board. In addition to live and on-demand streaming, XFINITY on Campus offers over 20 hours of personal digital video recording storage in the Cloud (cDVR). Individual users can also choose to purchase premium subscriptions like HBO, Showtime, and more. (Penn Video Network is not responsible for premium purchases.)

Residents of The Radian: please see our Radian College House XOC Support page.

For clients who are not on-campus residents and want TV service through Penn Video, we offer the X1 For Hospitality streaming service, provided by Comcast.

Screen showing the "Welcome to Xfinity on Campus" landing page

How to Watch: XFINITY on Campus
You can stream all XFINITY on Campus channels on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. You can also stream XFINITY on Campus channels via an app on select third-party devices, like Roku, Chromecast, and some SMARTVs.

In order to use XFINITY on Campus, residents must be living on campus in one of the College Houses, GreekNet Fraternities and Sororities, or Sansom Place. The service is not available to Penn community members living in off-campus housing or those studying abroad.

While you can have up to 3 active registered devices under your name, you can only stream to 1 device at any given time.


1. Go to (opens in a new window).
2. In the dialog box that says, “Your School Name,” type “University of Pennsylvania” or “Penn”, then select “University of Pennsylvania”.
3. You will be taken to the Penn WebLogin page. Type your PennKey and password. Need help with PennKey?
4. You will be redirected back to Penn’s XFINITY on Campus homepage. Choose an option from the top menu, for example, “Watch Now”. A new browser tab/window will open with your programming.

SETTING UP XFINITY on Campus on your computer

In order to use XFINITY on Campus, you must be living on campus in the College Houses, GreekNet Fraternities and Sororities, or Sansom Place. The service is not available to students in off-campus housing or those studying abroad.

How to watch on a laptop or desktop
How to watch on Mobile Devices (Apple, Android, Kindle)
How to watch on Streaming devices (Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, SMART TVs, and more)
How to watch on a Chromebook*

* XFINITY On Campus is only supported for Chromebooks that are able to download and install Android apps from the Google Play Store. Please make sure to update your Chromebook according to these directions from Google.

SETTING UP XFINITY on a third-party device

You can stream XFINITY on Campus channels to your traditional TV by using the XFINITY Stream app on select approved third-party devices, including Roku devices and TCL TVs, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and select SMART TVs. For setting up your approved third-party device with the XFINITY Stream app, see XFINITY on Campus’s How can I watch? site.

Third-party streaming devices work best on Penn’s AirPennNet-Device network. Learn how to set up your streaming device using Air-PennNet-Device.

1) Connect your device to the AirPennNet-Device SSID network
You’ll need your device’s MAC Address. A MAC address is a unique identifier that looks like UD:UD:AB:AB:1R:1L. For Roku devices, for example, you can find the MAC address by going to Settings — System — About. Instructions for finding your particular device’s MAC address can usually be found with a quick Internet search.
You can register up to 5 devices on AirPennNet-Device, for up to 4 years.

2) Install the XFINITY on Campus Stream app
XFINITY on Campus has up-to-date instructions for all supported third-party devices on their “How Can I Watch? Streaming Devices” page:

Roku is the most-tested third-party device for the Xfinity Stream app. Here’s how to sign in to XFINITY on Campus on the Roku :

1. On the Roku, from the Home screen (you can get to the Home screen by pressing the house button at the top of the remote), launch the Xfinity Stream beta app.
2. You will be taken to the Xfinity Stream home page. In the upper right corner, you’ll see a “Sign In” button. Click that button using the Roku remote.
3. The Roku will give you instructions to go to on a web browser, using a computer or mobile device, like a smartphone. It will also give you a 6-digit authorization code.
4. Using a web browser on a computer (or mobile device), go to Input the 6-digit authorization code.
5. You’ll be redirected to a general Xfinity sign-in page. Use the link that says “Xfinity on Campus Students Sign In Here”
6. You’ll be redirected to a searchable list of universities. Find University of Pennsylvania in the list (or type “University of Pennsylvania” in the search box). Select “University of Pennsylvania” from the list.
7. You’ll be redirected to Penn’s single sign-on page, where you’ll need to put in your PennKey and password. You may need to approve this step through two-factor authentication, so make sure you have your two-factor authenticator method handy. (What’s two-factor authentication?)
8. Once you log in successfully with your PennKey and password, you should be taken to a “Success!” page on your browser. The Roku should update automatically and log you into the Xfinity Stream app within a minute or so.


Figure with a question mark

I get a “residency status” error when I try to log in to XFINITY on Campus.
The most common error with XFINITY on Campus streaming is the FEDX100001 error (“We are unable to determine your campus residency status”). If you receive this error, contact your Local Support Provider (LSP). You’ll need to provide your name and the name of your campus residence building, such as your College House.

The XFINITY Stream app is not working.
If you are using your mobile device, or a third-party device to watch on a TV (e.g., Roku, Amazon Fire TV), and the XFINITY Stream app is not working, try logging into the XFINITY on Campus streaming site on a web browser (see “Logging In To XFINITY on Campus”, on the left side of this page). If you are able to log in to the XFINITY on Campus site on your browser, the issue is likely with the XFINITY Stream App itself or with your device. Visit the XFINITY on Campus Help Site at to troubleshoot the issue or report directly to the XFINITY on Campus support team. Penn Video Network is not responsible for personal devices.

I want to use my TV, but it doesn’t have an HDMI input.
The majority of third-party devices (e.g., Roku) utilize HDMI. While most TVs manufactured since 2005 come equipped with at least one HDMI input, some older TVs do not. If you have an older TV that does not accept HDMI, here are some relatively inexpensive options:

* You can purchase an HDMI input-to-Component output (“YPBPR”, or Red+Blue+Green, plus Red/White audio) cable/converter, like this one:

* You can purchase an HDMI input-to-Composite output (“RCA”, or Yellow/White/Red) cable/converter, like this one:

The good folks at the Ezvid Wiki keep a nice up-to-date comparison of products to meet these needs. Make sure to check your TV’s inputs for the best option. We do not recommend purchasing HDMI-to-COAX converters or modulators, due to their expense.

For general help troubleshooting the XFINITY on Campus service, visit Comcast’s comprehensive and up-to-date list of support topics (opens in a new window).

If you need more specific help with XFINITY on Campus or the Xfinity Stream beta app on your SMART TV or third-party streaming device, contact Xfinity help directly using this link: