Penn Video’s Movie Streaming Service offers hundreds of free movies that you can stream on demand using one of our fully-licensed streaming services: Resident Select or Criterion On Demand. Every month, we add 30-50 new movies to these services, from the latest blockbusters to academic support films. All films are available for free to anyone – students, faculty, and staff – on wired or WiFi PennNet; no subscription or special authentication is required.

Folks who are not on campus can access Criterion on Demand through EZ Proxy (requires PennKey authentication). EZ Proxy available through Penn Libraries.

Our staff welcomes Penn Schools, Centers, and student groups to request film titles, especially to support curricula and events. While there is no cost for this service, we do request as much lead time as possible. To learn more, read on about Academic Support Films.


Penn Video welcomes all University of Pennsylvania faculty and community groups to use our free, on-demand movie streaming service PVN Movie Service. We work with fully-licensed movie distributors to offer hundreds of films every semester, from big studio releases to independent titles. It’s free and available to everyone on PennNet, wired or WiFi; no special authentication or subscription required.

Since we work with licensed distributors, every film we reserve adheres to United States distribution law. Not every film ever made is available to us, but we try our best to accommodate all requests we receive. The more time we have to do the research, the better, but don’t let that stop you! We’re here to help.


Contact us at as soon as you know what films you’d like to reserve for your class or event. You don’t have to give us specific air dates, since all movies are available on-demand. You can request a specific time frame, such as a particular month or a particular date when you’ll be discussing the film in class, and we’ll do our best to arrange availability.

Submit your film requests with the following:
* Your name
* Your Penn email
* Your class ID and name or Penn community group name
* Your list of titles.
Please be aware that we may not be able to honor 100% of requests, due to licensing restrictions.