All streaming: XFINITY on Campus and X1 For Hospitality

XFINITY On Campus Streaming: For Residents Only
All on-campus residents, whether you're a student, post-doc, faculty, or staff, have access to the core XFINITY on Campus digital streaming service from Comcast. For residents of the College Houses and Sansom Place, this service is included as part of your room and board. In addition to live and on-demand streaming, XFINITY on Campus offers over 20 hours of personal digital video recording storage in the Cloud (cDVR). Individual users can also choose to purchase premium subscriptions like HBO, Showtime, and more. (Penn Video Network is not responsible for premium purchases.)

How to Watch: XFINITY on Campus
You can stream all XFINITY on Campus channels on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. You can also stream XFINITY on Campus channels via an app on select third-party devices, like Roku, Chromecast, and some SMARTVs.

Learn how to log in to XFINITY on Campus below.

See our status page for current XFINITY on Campus service status.

X1 for Hospitality: For Administrative Users
For clients who are not on-campus residents and want TV service through Penn Video Network, we offer the X1 For Hospitality streaming service, provided by Comcast.

X1 For Hospitality streaming requires a set-top box that connects to a TV or display through HDMI. It needs a dedicated wired Ethernet connection to receive the streaming television signal. Each X1 For Hospitality set-top box comes automatically configured and is controlled through a remote control provided by Comcast.

X1 For Hospitality boxes are controlled only through remote control; there are no manual buttons on the box itself. If you're having issues with your xi5 box remote, first replace the batteries. If replacing the batteries does not resolve the issue, try un-pairing and then re-pairing the remote to the X1 box. Directions to un-pair (and re-pair) the remote can be found here:

For more information about X1 For Hospitality set-top box streaming, see our Transition to Streaming page.