XFINITY on Campus or X1 For Hospitality

Which streaming option is right for you

As of August 1, 2021, Penn Video Network transitioned our traditional CATV service to a 100% streaming (Internet delivery) model. We no longer offer traditional coax CATV service. The streaming services we offer are different for Residential and Non-Residential users. See below for more details about each service offering.

All residential users - students, faculty, and staff living in the College Houses, Sansom Place, and OFSL GreekNet Houses - use XFINITY on Campus streaming to access television programming. XFINITY on Campus service is included in every on-campus resident's University Housing agreement. (Premium upgrades are available by additional paid subscription.) Our Lineup page has the current XFINITY on Campus channel lineup.

Residents can watch XFINITY on Campus channels on a variety of personal devices, including computers, mobile devices, select SMART TVs, and third-party streaming devices that connect to a traditional TV.

XFINITY on Campus is available in all College Houses, Sansom Place, and GreekNet OFSL Houses.

Read below for more details regarding XFINITY on Campus.

All non-residential Penn Video Network clients - offices, conference rooms, classrooms, public areas; anywhere that is not a residential room or suite - can access television programming through the X1 For Hospitality streaming service, provided by Comcast. Our Lineup page has a link to the current X1 For Hospitality channel lineup.

The X1 For Hospitality service requires a proprietary set-top box installed for each TV, plus power and dedicated Ethernet. X1 For Hospitality is a Direct-Billed ISC service.

If you would like to install or learn more about how to get the X1 For Hospitality service, contact ISC Client Care and specify that you would like the X1 For Hospitality streaming television service.

Read below for more details about the X1 For Hospitality platform.