WHAT'S ON TO WATCH, on campus or away

XFINITY on Campus : 291 channels + 20 Hours DVR
(for on-campus residents only)
XFINITY on Campus offers 291 channels available to stream on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. There's also the XFINITY Stream app that lets you watch your favorite XFINITY on Campus channels on your TV, using an approved third-party streaming device. You need to be on Penn's network in order to stream the full lineup of XFINITY on Campus channels.

Not on campus? XFINITY on Campus users can still access their full library of Saved DVR programming, as well as a limited selection of XFINITY on Campus channels - designated "TV Go" channels - even while not connected to the Penn campus network. Review the lineups below to find out which channels are available with TV Go.

X1 For Hospitality (X14H)
Administrative clients who have Comcast's X1 For Hospitality set-top box streaming television service have a slightly different channel lineup, but it's mostly the same as the residential XFINITY on Campus lineup noted below. Click this link to view the X14H lineup available in our area:

Due to the nature of its licensing, the X14H service does not offer the option to upgrade the published X14H channel lineup to premium services.

The X14H service does not offer Cloud DVR recording.

The X14H channel lineup cannot be streamed on-demand. It shows live channels only, at location.